Interview #342: Tex Crick

imageSydney, Australia.

q: Introduce yourself:
a: Tex Crick, I am from Sydney Australia, I am a twin and I don’t go to school, I’m an autodidact and love to make pictures more than anything in the world.

q: Your works give off a “sanitized” vibe. Is this intentional?
a: I like things to be clean and thats how I like my photographs. Finding a space to photograph is as therapeutic as making the picture, I like to take my time making a picture, thinking about colour, shapes, the absence of subjects, spaces and relationships of objects before photographing them. so in order to find these spaces you need to get into a very ‘sanitized’ mindset which can really get you into some weird situations, I find myself walking for hours with my camera through corporate buildings pretending I am meant to be in these places.


q: Do you like going to the dentist?
a: I have a really beautiful japanese woman as my dentist and it’s quite pleasant with her fingers in my mouth, I’d love to take pictures there.

q: Photographic equipement?
a: Pentax 67, 105mm f/2.4


q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: Currently throwing up ideas for new projects which are starting to seem impossible, working on a few music videos as well as photographing spaces. I’d like to work on more portraits, collaborations would be wonderful.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: Anything by John Maus


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